Let’s wander a little more!

Wouldn’t it be nice, if we just stopped rushing through life for a little while and took out some time to ponder and appreciate the little things that it has to offer? What is life, after all, if we do not pause for a moment and enjoy the magnificence of the hills, charisma of the valleys, the chirping of birds, the song of the rivers, the call of animals or the fresh breeze?

To travel is to live, they say. And, I agree! Travelling gives you the power to believe in the underutilized treasures of life and presents you with all the more interesting, inspirational and downright beautiful reasons to bring out the wanderlust hidden within us.

The world is a mesmerising mystery and travelling is the key to unravel it. Here are some of the reasons to prompt you to plan your next travel itinerary.


  1. All work and no travel? Travelling helps us burst the bubble we live in. It gives an opportunity to realize that there is so much more than a busy life at home or at workplace. It not only gives a much-needed break from our day-to-day existence but also presents a fresh appreciation for your hometown, your country, and off course your humble abode back in your city. Oh! What a way to unburden the heart and enrich the soul.IMG_1430
  2. Revamps self-confidence. At an unknown place, you tend to talk to strangers, ask them for directions and eventually, be even friends with the locals. This makes your communication skills better, you get more street smart and your preconceived notions shatter helping you to gain a better perspective at life and voila! Say hello to a newer, smarter and a rejuvenated version of you!
  3. Strengthens relationship. A family getaway, a romantic vacation or a long weekend with friends is sure to strengthen the bonding. It also rings in a great opportunity to bond with fellow travellers or locals.RZSB5435
  4. Celebrate life with a two-way ticket. Be it birthdays, wedding anniversary or a babymoon, celebration vacation is always a good enough reason to travel. What better than gathering all the near and dear ones from different corners of the country at one place to celebrate such big-small happy occasions!11899845_10156137927590107_5057264753021268513_n.jpg
  5. Healing power. Life is not a bed of roses. In case of any misfortune, travelling not only allows you to escape the negativity but also helps you heal. A new place with lots of distractions will definitely help you come back home with a fresh mind and it prepares you to take the challenges head on. For workaholics too, travelling is a great way to bounce back with a fresher perspective to handle issues at workplace with ease.IMG_1476
  6. You meet new people. Travelling teaches you to be cautious but not suspicious of every person you come across. There is nothing more enlightening than striking a conversation with a native. Local folks are welcoming and usually high on hospitality.IMG_1446
  7. You become more open-minded. Exposure to new places, people and culture makes you realise that happiness comes in different packages. There is no one way to live a life full of contentment. The challenges, the compassion of strangers, and the exquisiteness and variety of the natural world will only make you more open and tolerant towards the dissimilar ways of thinking and being.13012611_10157015675265107_1525650345692088104_n.jpg
  8. You can eat shamelessly (Yay!). Delectable savouries like English breakfast, paneer tikka, chicken lasagne, Hawaiian mayo salad give you a guilt-free ticket to eat anything to everything without counting the calories! Treating your taste buds to different cuisines is a great way of understanding and connecting with a place. Even local art and music helps you connect with the place on a deeper note.
  9. Because, MEMORIES! Travelling, undoubtedly, has a great impact on an individual-mentally as well as physically. In the long run, it makes you more relaxed, contented and happy. Travel definitely makes you a happier person, who lives life with a bag full of new experiences and learnings. These experiences form unforgettable memories that stay with you forever. And these memories are a reminder that come what may, life is so beautiful.14717131_10157822566010107_3172967331839063583_n.jpg

So, what are you waiting for? We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure waiting to be discovered and appreciated. Go on, make some beautiful memories. Everything else can wait.



Midnight ruminations!

One day…
Feathers may stop fluttering,
But heart wouldn’t!
Stars may stop twinkling,
But eyes wouldn’t!
The sun may not shine,
But the goodness, oh well, certainly would!
A rose may be plucked beautifully,
But it would bloom, regardless of its roots!
Blazing hot days and the chilly freezing nights may stop bothering,
But not falling in love once or twice, certainly would!

Falling in love definitely means something,
But wait, isn’t it ‘almost’ everything?!

Drunk confession of love or sober declaration,
Love inebriates all! We all drown in love… Swimming is for amateurs!

Daydreaming turns into reality and so do nightmares,
Heart never sits still, be it in ragged breath or erratic heartbeats,
It pumps love in its real self or in disguise,
But, heart only pumps love, not hatred… Hatred is self-manifested and so is unfaithfulness!

The little imperfections paint the perfect masterpiece, and so do the heartbreaks!
Those little heartbreaks pushes destiny a little closer…closer to another selfless heart!
Slowly, but eventually!

One day, someday, falling in love is for sure!

That day, darkness will be forgotten, past will be forgiven…
Because love is a strange yet magical thing,
It’s like a flame that can’t fade, won’t fade?
Love never fades away, no way!
Life is disloyal, unpredictable…as we know it,
But love? Love stays…love stays for one hundred, one thousand, one billion…every day for the rest of life!

In reality, in memories, in the another world… It stays!

Why so gloomy?

So I came across a forum on a website where most of the people were seeking psychological help because for them, past was way too glorious and satisfying than the present. We all go through that phase, isn’t it? It is okay to visit the past sometimes, but it is absolutely not okay to live with it.

We all know what it’s like to miss someone. But what is it like when you miss the person that you were? Is it normal to miss yourself? Or is it just a sign of how disgruntled you are with your life in general? Perhaps you are this egotistical, self-obsessed person who wants everything as per your desire and when you fail at that (miserably!), you start missing the ‘time’ when everything was as per your liking. And then eventually, you end up missing the person you were!
You cannot sleep at night, flipping sides and staring at the ceiling, thinking about the ‘could haves’ and ‘would haves’!
You want to sit in a corner and just look back at the memories of how slim you were, how happy you looked in those pictures saved in a folder on your phone or what a good job you had!
You do not want to interact with people. You just want to be alone and drown yourself in the memories of a happy past, forgetting about the present! Your laptop is full of pictures from your high school or social evenings.
You do not want to sleep and if you sleep, you do not want to wake up.
You do not feel like going out, no matter how much you hate sitting indoors.

But…why? Isn’t personal growth as imperative as physical growth?
As we evolve, it is but natural to lose a little part of ourselves to the circumstances. Change is constant. Lots of things change, for better or worse. The childish giggles will change into sophisticated laughs; the jumping around excitedly-without any inhibitions-will change into you trying to shush the child inside you. No longer a carefree person who followed his heart, you start to make calculated moves in life now. You become a person for whom living with a baggage full of guilt or regrets is okay but you were not like this, were you? You visit your past only when you do not walk on the path your heart made. Societal norms, peer pressure suppress your desires. You learnt to follow your heart initially, what happened to you now? Why are you giving your key to happiness to someone else? Your mistakes or accomplishments are yours and nobody else’s.
Respond to life rather than reacting! Take one day at a time. Nobody stays the same; a person evolves, learns and lives on. Life is like a notebook- a new blank page everyday with a story and a conclusion. The best part- you are the author! Why rewrite the same story when you can create a new one…when you can start afresh! You cannot find the pot of gold until and unless you follow the rainbow of your desires, aspirations, passion and most importantly, happiness!
Do what makes you happy. Wipe off those tears, stop sympathizing with yourself. You are not weak, no way! Be around people who value your happiness and sorrows equally. Surround yourself with positivity. You need to stop being around those who fuel your sadness into grief and your problems into this big hurdle that you begin to think you will not be able to cross. You are a capable human being with the authority to live the life you have and leave the people/nuisance that hampers your bliss. Remove the layers of ‘I cannot’ and let bygones be bygones. Past is gone, present is here and future depends on how you want your story to be. Mould your luck in a way that it has no other option but to favor you. Wake up with a smile every morning, grateful for this life. To appreciate the plain moments of happiness, you have to appreciate the abyss as well. Don’t look for satisfaction, look for peace and contentment. Satisfaction is the destination to your journey of life. And the journey of life is nothing but learning to deal with roller coaster emotions and finding happiness and attaining peace in the smallest of smallest things.
If your food is not salty enough, would you just sit there and complain about it? Or take a pinch of salt and add to your food! You are in control here- of your food as well as your life!

Gateway of happiness opens when you stop-
• Pleasing everyone
• Fearing change
• Living in the past
• Putting yourself down
• Overthinking

And voila! Present will present you with so many pleasant presents that looking back will only make you proud for the person that you have become!


Quote of the day: Each morning, we are born again. What we do today is what matters the most.- Buddha

Love your grandparents!

Life is constant yet so ever evolving. People come and leave an imprint of all the things good, bad and the ugly. Some stay to inspire, some choose to go readily while a few are taken to another world, involuntarily. They say time is a great healer. It heals. Yes! But is it also capable of inducing forgetfulness? Does it also possess the power to completely overshadow the reminiscence of the blissful past? Can it delete all the memories associated with a particular person as well?

Nevertheless, the heart is smart. It knows how to differentiate between a person who leaves and the person who has to leave. It is easier to settle down to the fact of someone leaving because of better opportunities or simply because the grass is greener on the other side. It is also easier to accept the whole situation as fate and move on, hoping for someone else to fill the void, one day! Perhaps, it will. Losing people to misunderstandings, dishonesty or infidelity can also be dealt with. But what when the light of life yields to the darkness and someone has to enter the one-way tunnel, never to return? That kind of void just remains, only the memories fit in, nothing else. While the person leaving might see light at the end of tunnel, free from the worldly chaos, but the person standing on the other side can only see the loved one entering gloominess, hence multiplying the pain and the melancholy. For me, that is the biggest defeat- of letting someone go. Time may heal but the heart never forgets, no matter how clever it is.

I grew up in a family that values family ties more than anything. My heart is full of love and gratitude for the people in my life. I wake up with a smile every morning, thankful for/to them. But above all, I am so grateful to my grandparents who held their world together and passed on their immeasurable wisdom to my parents and touched my childhood with their pure love. Their touch, that warmth of acceptance, the ecstasy of holding their child’s labour of love and that big smile on their faces, despite of their health woes, speak volumes of their genuineness and unconditional love. Contrary to their faces, their heart continues to remain wrinkle-free and their souls, unaffected by today’s filth, always radiate purity, affection and love- Lots of love.

But life, as we know it, can be a little insensitive at times. It gives you the liberty to write your own story with your chosen actors, and a big whoosh of air- you find yourself rewriting your story sans your much-loved character. I lost my paternal grandad when I was still in my mom’s tummy. I see his pictures and how I wish, I could see him in person. He must have been a great dad, I know because my father is one. My paternal grandmother ‘amma’ loved me the most of all the children in the house. I lost her at a young age, at an age when a person is not too familiar with the tricks that life plays. Her aura, however, continues to guide me onto the path of righteousness and love. I lost amma when I was just five years old, oblivious to the vicious cycle of life…until recently…
I have never tasted distress as much as when I lost my granddad- Nanu- as I fondly call(ed) him. The empty space remains and will continue to do so, sealed with his memoirs. The inevitable truth of life defeats the invincible, weakens the strong and is capable of drowning a pivotal block that once completed the family unit. Everyone is aware of the predictable reality of life, yet it remains the most underprepared truth that any one of us would ever want to face.

Like magnets, grandparents always manage to hold the family together- through thick and thin. All our vacations used to revolve around them. I used to look forward to visiting my grandparents. Nanu used to pamper me the most- with sweets, tight hugs, old movie dates on his lap or long walks- oh! How perfectly my tiny hand used to fit in his tight grasp. I miss him. I am yet to see a smile as genuine as his, love as unconditional as his and a heart as big and kind as his. His absence will always be glaring, for my future children will not be able to meet their great granddad.

So, at the end of the day, all I have is truckloads of memories with him, his pictures which still resonate with his goodness and his image in the back of my mind- and that nobody can take away. I know he is watching over us and I will make him proud one day!


Life is unpredictable. I have learnt that anything can change in a blink of an eye. So forgive easily, love fully and spread happiness. Live a life without any regrets. Love your parents and value your grandparents the most. Their love is a unique treasure that should be conserved in the heart.

If only memories, tears and undying love could build a path to him, I would bring him back.

I would, definitely, bring my grandparents back!

Quote of the day- Love is the greatest gift that one generation can leave to another. –Richard Garnett

Hey Fate, well done!

He was born in the summer of June. She was born two months later in the month of August in the same city, at the same hospital, by the same doctor.

Few years later in 2002-03, when they were still in school, they joined the same educational institute in the same city. They both used to bunk classes and used to have the same kathi rolls from the same food stall but with their respective set of friends. Till then, strangely, they had never seen each other.

Due to transferable job of their dads, destiny again brought them together in the same city in the year 2008. They used to stay in vicinity but even then, they never saw each other. He took admission in a college where initially even she was planning to do her BSc in Biotechnology. However, plan changed and she graduated in Eng Hons. and then studied Journalism. He also took up a noble profession. They were in the same city for a few years but never saw each other!

They say destiny has to have its way and it did! After three attempts, fate brought their parents (who, luckily, had mutual friends) together in the year 2014. They did their homework well and thought both of them would make a great pair. Her dad played the cupid and passed on his number to her and his dad gave him her phone number. After a few days, he called her! They hit it off instantly in their first conversation itself. They met after two months of talking over the phone and she knew she wanted to get married to him! He perfectly fitted into her description of a perfect man- handsome, caring, fun-loving, great sense of humor and a generous heart.

After several cup of coffees with whipped cream, parties, dinner dates, they had their big fat fairy tale wedding in May 2015. Destiny finally made way for the love to sneak in and how! They are married now and through ups and downs, thick an thin- they are living their ‘happily-ever-after’ in an absolute state of love-peace-harmony!

Their wedding reception also took place in the same city from where she had started her schooling from as a little girl.

I guess, they were meant to be together since they were babies.


And now, they see each other every day!

I love how every couple has a story and as much as I love the concept of falling-catching in love, I love hearing them too! This is mine! ❤ And as they say, every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite. It is. Indeed! ❤

 Quote of the day- The chance to love and be loved exists no matter where you are.- Oprah

BEing Unique.

Achievements, rewards, appreciation, designation may bear an identity with others’ feat, remuneration, esteem or title.  One’s footpath, fortune, adornments, establishments may also get replicated, owned, earned or manufactured. While everything can be attained and bring an individual under one type, but one thing that makes you exceptional is your passion to live life with utmost determination and principles which resonates with the chime of your clean conscious.

The rush of time may clutch you in its vicious cycle and suck you into the bed rock of barrenness, it may even lurch your planted ambitions into nonentity…but your passion will save you. It will sail you out of shallowness.

Your zeal towards living your life pulsate uniqueness. What is uniqueness? If you ask me, uniqueness is what makes you stand out and no, it’s not because of your gender, race, caste, colour, genes, hormones, style etc. These traits just make us diverse, not unique! Uniqueness is a feeling of self-gratification coupled with winning the world by righteousness and meekness. Not everybody is courageous enough to serve food to the soul gallantly while also thinking about the well-being of others. There is a thin line between being successful and being unique. The one who is successful may or may not be unique.  One may get popular or successful by honest or dishonest means. But uniqueness comes sans deceitfulness. The world is swinging between the good and the bad and is chock-a-block with enticement, seductions, lust and the one who surpasses all with dignity, is unique!

Each of us shines in different ways, but sheen of uniqueness is distinctive. To love yourself, trust your capabilities and let the greater version out or to let the fear of being unique conceal the real you- it is for you to decide.

I choose to empathise with others and love myself more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. Only then I can let my real self to emerge our shining brighter than ever!


Quote of the day- Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a contribution. – Deepak Chopra



Just do it!

In everyone’s life, at some time, we all have wished for our Prince Charming to come and sweep us off of our feet somehow! Some of you may be living your happily ever after (count me in! *blush*), while some are still waiting (hold on!), while some are with Blutos waiting for their Popeyes to walk in. *winks*




And then there is one more category- waiting for the man to make the first move! Though his eyes tell you he loves you, buttttt hey! We are women! We need to hear those magical words…live the magical moment and cherish it for the years to come! *dreamy eyes*


Note- Though it is a magical moment for the couple. But, it is a proven fact that women get more worked up emotionally when proposed.


Thanks for the pair of eyes that we all have been blessed with. They make our work easier! The words that the mouth is afraid to speak, is taken care of by the eyes which is the mirror to our emotions. Talking with eyes can continue lifelong…but the foundation to a blissful future has to be laid by actually uttering those three (or more) magical words. Do not go by the rules or fear of looking ridiculous. Just let your emotions out in form of words, straight from your heart. AND do not let it come through your brain because it might fall in the unnecessary formality of choosing good quotes/vocabulary! Just go with the flow! 😉

Anddddd, dear male species: it is abso-cute-ly okay to get all mushy-mushy once in a while! We know you notice/take care of all the minor-major things. So, it’s okay to talk about it. Also, declare your love to your queen bee. Because when you express your feelings to your lady love, there is nothing delightfully cuter than that! *aww*


Value the moment before it becomes a memory for you to reflect on! Tell her you love her! A woman does not want much from a man – just tell her that you see the world in her…tell her that she is the best (oh well, yes, she is!)…tell her that she’s always got your back…tell her that she looks beautiful regardless of her weight gain/loss, tell her she’s worth loving and more! And trust me, she will embrace you with an unbreakable bond of faithfulness, affection and unconditional love (and more goody-goody things). #Forever !

Tell her how you fell in love with the way she talks about her favorite songs,

Tell her how you fell in love with the way she blabbers all the day long.

Tell her how you fell in love with her slowly,

With her big eyes, her pink lips, her soul-wholly!

Tell her you love when she talks about what she likes,

Tell her how you adore her when a cup of coffee, her favorite book, mint ice cream make her jive!

Tell her you do not find it funny when she talks to every dog while on your drive back home,

Tell her how you dote on her when she makes snow out of foam!

Tell her how you fell in love with the way she laughs when someone tells a joke,

Tell her you love the way when she crinkles in her brow, angrily telling you not to smoke!

Tell her you fell in love with the way she curls up in her bed watching TV,

Tell her how awestruck you are by her beauty!

Tell her you love the waffles she makes,

Dance in the kitchen with her when she bakes!

Tell her you love the way she smells,

Tell her how lovestruck you are by the magical aura that she spells!

Comfort her in her pain; rejoice with her in glee,

Fifty years later, the sweet reminiscences of the 70-year-olds will form a major ingredient of your evening tea!

Tell her you love her now, right now,

Togetherness is a beautiful place to be, just tell her and she will show you how!


For the 28,697th time now, please tell her! She’s worth it!! 🙂

Quote of the day- Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. – Franklin P. Jones